Toyota Prius-Turning into a Digital Super Car

And Now, Yes! Toyota is Turning Prius into a Supercar!

In the supercar world, the topic the hot topic that keeps on surging are always about Ferrari hybrids and other green supercars.

Do you know for what you pay for while buying a supercar? It’s just the combo of efficiency and power for which they charge for, the most!

Your Green Car is a Super One

But have you ever thought what if you went the other way; what if you buy the greenest car and it turns out into a supercar?

O, yes! It’s possible. But you know what; this isn’t really a new idea!

The Idea to Turn Prius Into A Digital Super Car

The idea of turning out Prius into a digital supercar was not the usual one. When engineers were turning everything into a mid-engined sports car and artists were merging car-bars, the very idea to transform the Prius, was very rare! Very few people were there who tried to spice up the Prius.

Reason Behind the Idea of Prius Transformation

The mere reason behind the idea of Prius transformation was none other than its iconic shape. It was recognized and got fame just because of its enchanting design!

The Sketch Monkey’s Idea leads This Design

The Sketch Monkey is the one who puts his crazy idea into a video format. He is renowned because of this silly work, not really!

What has he done? He made a clip with the scratching one-title in which he emerged Toyota and supercars. Isn’t it’s crazy! But this something we called creativity!

“He puts Supercharged SRT8 in the Prius.”

Toyota is now Next To Tesla in Hybrid Mainstream

Now you clear your mind that Tesla is not the only company of green auto-production, to an amaze, Toyota is a company that has taken the hybrids mainstream.

“The Prius is to the gasoline-electric mixture, As Kleenex is to tissues or Zamboni is to ice-resurfacing.”

No Super looks in Toyota Prius

Yes, it’s pretty much right, that Prius looks nothing like a supercar. The artist has made numerous alterations in the design, which includes the

  • 2-door body conversion
  • bigger wheel
  • a lower roof
  • the more aero look

But in reality, it’s not like the model that was depicted. It’s just not quite there.

“The Toyota Prius is more like the Japanese aero compacts of the 1990s.”

Silverclusdsam VS StetchMonkey

Another idea about the Prius transformation into the super one was laid down by the artist Silverclusdsam. He made the Toyota hybrid lower, more comprehensive, and more aggressive.

While on the other hand, The Sketch Monkey’s car keeps, some of the Kamm-back looks of the Prius and gives it a resemblance to a sports car.

The Toyota GR HV Hybrid Concept

The Toyota GR HV concept from a few years back in history was a hybrid that is not forgettable. Specs weren’t made available. However, the company mentioned it would get a performance-oriented set-up with technology taken from the TS050 racer.

Prius Engine into 2009 FT-HS Concept

Among the hybrid concepts from Toyota, back in 2009 was of FT-HS. Among its specs, it features a 3.5-litre hybrid drive with 400 hp. It is said that they’d like to put a Prius engine in the 86 just to see the world burn! What a pun! Well No, It’s not!

The Final Verdict

Toyota, no-doubt is an uprising hybrid car-maker company in the world. The latest news from Toyota is of turning the Prius into a digital supercar because of the esteemed looks.

The very idea of the combination of Toyota and supercars came from the Sketch Monkey’s viral You-tube video! And Toyota is now up to it!

Written by Rouman Ahmad

Rouman is a content writer at Triseez where she covers the editing and writing fractions of the content. Previously she has worked as a freelance writer at Atlas Info America quick facts and figures. With years of experience in the freelance world, she has landed up with the services of ghostwriting, creative writing, copy writing, script, article, media, web, and product writings.

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