Soft Style Tyre Bounds- Only for Townsville Supercars’ Rounds

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Super Cars Event at Townsville

Holding consecutive events at a location has been falling in the trend line of 2020. This trendy-mania of 2020 will go on with Townsville which is going to host its first supercars doubleheader in the coming times of the month.

Super Cars Upholds the Final Tyre Compound Plan

Supercars’ has come up with the final tyre compound plan for the upcoming double-header event in Townsville.

Various back series are there in the final plan confirmation. The tyre compound back story is just down there.

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The Back-Story of  the Tyre Compound Format

Since the startup of the season in June, Supercars has been switching between the single and mixed tyre compound format.

  • The first of two Sydney Motorsport Park rounds follow the soft format only which follows the introduction of the 20-tyre limit.

  • After the Sydney debut, The mixed tyre compound format sets off with a conflict.

  • Scott McLaughlin speaks in favor of the mixed tyre compound plan while Barry Ryan goes against the plan.

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Adrian Burges Speaks off the Plan

Supercars Head of Motorsport Adrian Burgess Speaks on The Loud Pedal podcast. There he outlines the category’s plans to run soft tyres at the Reid Park Street Circuit.

The plans’ outline:

As the racing event starts again, the supercars will go with their experimentation and hence will continue with their tyre compound plan.

  • This weekend’s Bet-Easy Darwin Triple Crown at Hidden Valley Raceway will come up with a mix of hard and soft compound tyres. This plan has also been seen in the second Sydney Super-Sprint.

  • On the contrary, the Darwin Super-Sprint and Townsville events will all be only soft tyre events.

Adrian Burges’ quoted words:

The quoted words of the Supercars Head of Motorsport Adrian Burgess at the Loud Pedal podcast:

“Townsville has got a fair amount of degradation already in it, it’s very hard on the rear tyres and the left fronts,” he said.

 “We’re going to stick with softs. That event was always down as a soft only, so we’ll do soft only for both events there.”

The Sole Use of Soft Compound Dunlop Tyres for the Townsville Event

It has been announced that supercars will only use soft compound Dunlop tyres for both legs of the Townsville double-header.

Between the period of experimentation with single and dual compound tyre format, the three of the next four events will be held exclusively on the soft compound rubber.

The Events’ Show-Up Time

The events’ show-up time of the cars, featuring their tyre compound model, is as follow:

  • The second leg of the Darwin double-header will be shown first on August 15-16.

  • The next soft-only tyre-model car will be shown on the Townsville street circuit on August 29-30.

  • While the next car with the soft tyre model will appear on September 5-6.

Tyres Availability for Each Car At the Event

It’s not yet been confirmed how many tyres will be made available for each car.

However, it is likely to be the 20-tyre limit to cover all qualifying sessions and races.

For now, quantities for the two Townsville events on August 29-30 and September 5-6 haven’t been stipulated.

The tyre allotment to the drivers of the SSS event:

As this is going to be Sydney’s first SuperSprint event this year, so, drivers have been allotted with five sets of tyres with an additional two sets of tyres to be handed back for Practice 1 and 2.

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The Tyre Format at Virgin Australia Supercars Championship

The Virgin Australia Supercars Championship is a four-weekend run with the Darwin Triple Crown, this weekend.

The mixed compound format has been used for the two Darwin events along with the Triple Crown play this weekend.

And for the next week, the soft-style rubber format will be used for the Super-Sprint.

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The Rookie Practice

Rookie Practice is holding on at 10:10 local time/10:40 AEST.

A Wind-Up

Supercars event is going to held at Townsville. There came the contradiction to chose the tyre format either soft, hard, or a mixture. And there, supercars goes with the soft rubber format.

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