Rich Energy OMG – In Bennett’s British Superbike Championship – Racing off for a Positive Onset

The Rich OMG Racing at Donington Park, England

Rich Energy OMG Racing is a team to watch in the British Super Bike championship 2020. The BSB Championship gets underway on 7-9 August.

According to OMG Racing, They are gearing up for the 2020 British Super Bike Championship after successful final testing at Donington Park.

The Bennett’s British Super Bike Championship

The OMG Racing in Stratford-London came to BSB Championship held at Donington Park, England. The Rich Energy OMG came away with decent results at the opening round of the BSB 2020 Championship.

OMG Racing Qualifies the Opening Round

The Rich OMG Racing team was able to qualify for the opening round. Down there is a detailed NEWS-version of the racing game.

Héctor wins the first front-row for OMG:

Qualifying the opening round of the Bennetts British Super Championship proves to be fruitful for the sponsored team of Rich Energy OMG Racing.

Héctor Barberá, one of the team members of OMG Racing, gives the Rich Energy their first front row start in BSB Championship.

To an amaze, Héctor Barberá was just 0.167s behind the pole sitter-McAMS Yamaha’s Jason O’Hallaran.

Mossey qualified for the first race:

Luke Mossey is the team member of OMG Racing. He qualifies for the first race with the ninth rank. He puts his race to an end with a time-lapse of 1:06.455.

Barberá’s race scratched:

Barberá makes a good start at first. But unfortunately, when his race was in lap 5, his game suddenly came to an abrupt end.

It is reported that this heck occurred due to a technical problem.

Mossey climbs-up:

During the knock-down of Barberá’s race, Mossey drove at a steady pace. Before crossing the sixth line, Mossey climbs up the order.

The Second Race of the Week

For Mossey and Barberá, the second race of the week proves to be more difficult in comparison to the previous one.

Barberá .VS. Mossey:

  • As the race was hard, for both the riders, Barberá gets to finish the race in the tenth place.
  • Whereas, Mossey first lines up in eight and after which he lowered down to the 17th order.

The Final Race of the Week

In the third-final race of the week, Barberá lined up with the sixth-order, and Mossey ranked down to the 15th place.


Barberá comes up with the solid race-style and hence was lined in the 10th order. But as a late-time penalty, he was dropped down to the 11th line.

Despite this all, Barberá, to an amaze, still manages to come up with the lap record, after a late charge. He was clocking 1:06.259, at that time.


The 27 years old Mossey was able to give the team, double points finish. He managed to come back home with the 14th ranking.


After the first round of the championship:

  • Mossey stood 12th in the riders’ standings with 13 points. 
  • Barberá stands close behind in the 13th line with 12 points.

The Next Round

The next round of the British Superbikes Championship is going to held at Snetterton between 21st to 23rd August.

Catchy-Lines from Mossey and Barberá

Luke Mossey:

According to Mosey:

“It’s been a really good day! Definitely nice to get back on the Superbike after such a long delay, we got a lot of things done today and I’m going home really happy. In our debrief we found a big change that we can make at the start of next week’s practice sessions that should bring us right into contention.”

“Me and Héctor haven’t been on our Superbikes since Spanish testing unlike some of the other teams and riders, but I think we’re in a great place right now and I’m really excited to be back here next weekend.”

Héctor Barberá:

Barberá said:

“Today I’m very happy because Donington is a very special track for me and throughout the day we have improved. We finished P3 and the team worked really well with me to make changes to the bike so it is very comfortable for me to ride.”

“I think we’re ready for the battle next week and to challenge for the podium, for sure.”


Rich Energy OMG Racing was at Donington Park for BSB Championship.

The team played well in the opening round with its members, Barberá and Mossey, who were able to get through the racing, with 12 and 13 points respectively.

Now the next round will be held at Snetterton between 21st to 23rd August. At this point if you wanna buy British Superbikes 2020 tickets for championship, visit British Superbikes official website.

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