McLaughlin- The Second Leg Champion of Triple Crown

Scott McLaughlin- the Winner of Virgin Australia Supercars Championship

Scott McLaughlin with his super expertise wins in the second leg of the Bet Easy Darwin Triple Crown. By doing so, he extends his Virgin Australia Supercars Championship with another milestone.

A Complete Overview of the Race

The front up runners run with the soft tires for both the stints of the 38-lap race. The title-holder star drivers fill the top positions in a race lacking the action of Saturday’s opener.

The pole-sitter McLaughlin lost out to teammate:

Yes! At a point the race pole-sitter McLaughlin lost to its teammate Fabian Coulthard off the start. This happens when McLaughlin starts the track on the dirty side of the grid.

McLaughlin joins the lead again after the service lap:

And McLaughlin doesn’t stay behind. Coulthard, unfortunately, bumps from the lead on lap six. Before this, McLaughlin already has taken his service. So, after a lap, he rejoined the top place narrowly ahead.

McLaughlin’s lead becomes easy:

Coulthard sat an active third when he speared off at Turn 1. His jump drops Jamie Whincup behind. In this way, McLaughlin’s task immediately becomes more comfortable.

McLaughlin takes over the lead right in the end:

With all the good fortunes McLaughlin receives during the race, he, right in the end jumps into the lead. The top positions remain stagnant for long that ultimately McLaughlin takes the lead and wins over Whincup with a lead lapse of 1.4 seconds.

McLaughlin words:

For the championship-contending duo, it marks their return to the podium. After which both finishes down the order on Saturday after time penalties.

McLaughlin said:

“Sorry to the guys there for yesterday but glad I was able to bounce back.”

“It was a great start from Fabs, it was like the best start I had done for a long time and he just absolutely smashed me,” he said.

He further added:

“[I did a] big in-lap, the boys’ pitstop was amazing, we got in front and then I saw Fabs run wide so I got a bit lucky there.”

McLaughlin on the all-time winners’ list:

McLaughlin comes to the equal 4th rank with Peter Brock on the all-time winner’s list. He achieved this position after his 48th career championship race victory.

 The Conversation:

Added Whincup:

 “We got a little bit gifted by Fabs, he got a bit distracted by Car #17 down at Turn 1.”

“Both Shell cars are very fast but happy to be on the podium. It was an ordinary day yesterday so we needed a couple of results today to get back up in the points.”

Asked of his off-track excursion, Coulthard said: “I probably got a little excited…

“I just locked a left-front brake, you’re on the absolute threshold anyway of breaking as late as you can. The last thing you need is a slight lock-up.”

Shane van Gisbergen VS David Reynolds:

After moving from their seventh and eighth place starting slots, Shane van Gisbergen held off David Reynolds in an entertaining late scrap for fourth.

Reynolds being the strategic outlier runs a 29-lap opening stint before pitting and rejoining sixth just behind Nick Percat and van Gisbergen.

They both find their way around Percat. But unfortunately, Reynolds, despite his fresh rubber, couldn’t find a move by the Red Bull Holden Racing Team entry.

Gisbergen words for Dave:

Van Gisbergen says about Dave:

“Dave should have been able to blow past me, but you just put him in hot air and take the downforce off, and he was stuck.”


Anton De Pasquale- The Seventh

Anton De Pasquale uses six of his eight tires on the way to victory on Saturday. He runs strongly but to a surprise wins the 7th rank.

 Walkinshaw- The Eighth

Walkinshaw Andretti the United’s Chaz Mostert set the fastest lap of the race on the way to eighth ahead of lead Tickford driver Cameron Waters and Kelly Racing’s Andre Heimgartner.

The Final 38-lap Race Will Commence Soon

A third and final 38-lap race will complete the Bet Easy Darwin Triple Crown this afternoon. Drivers will be able to pick the best of their remaining soft and hard tyres.

TheTriple Crown Trophy Winner

The Triple Crown trophy, this year will go to the driver who will score the most points over the whole weekend.

De Pasquale-Tops

After two races, De Pasquale tops the round with 164 points from Coulthard who gets 154 points. While James Courtney and Scott McLaughlin, come up with 138 and 130 respectively.

The End

Among the Bet Easy Darwin Triple Crown winners, the second race winner title goes to Scott McLaughlin. He leads the Saturday race with his full energy and power. The lead remains static till the end that at the last moment McLaughlin wins over Whincup with a lead of 1.4 seconds.

The third and final 38-lap race of the Triple Crown will be held this afternoon.

Written by Rouman Ahmad

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