Mackay‘s Anticipated Mountain Biking Project -Council Released The Trail Design

And The Map Is Revealed

The map released by the Council reveals how the trail network will link the mountain-top town of Eungella with the town of Finch Hatton, through a series of 26 individual tracks and a single shared running track.

Epic Adventure

The 100km trail network will also include a 36 km long”epic adventure” trail that showcases some of the best terrains in the Mackay hinterland.

Finch Hatton Transformation

The residents of the town of Finch Hatton are hoping that this network transforms their town into a hotspot for biking events and tourism.

Bill Cross from the Finch Hatton Progress Association said the community was excited with the proposed trail map.

(Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

And The Folks Are Super Excited

Mr Cross’ quoted words were:

“Residents are really excited about it; it’s going to bring a lot of people to town and improve our services.”

Other places like the North Sea Cycle Route in Europe and Munda Biddi Trail in West Australia are major tourism spots due to the bike trails.

It’s hoped that the town of Finch Hatton will also become a central tourism spot after the completion of the trail, the construction of which is set to begin in early 2021.

Not only significant cities but other regional towns around the world have also become major tourism hubs through mountain biking.

Key points:


  • The 100km long trail will connect the towns of Finch Hatton and Eungella


  • The construction of the $11 million project is set to begin in early 2021.


Derby’s Recreation

For instance, the Derby in Tasmania has been reformed by its a significant network of trails, and the Mackey Regional Council is hoping to replicate that success, estimating that the project will have 30,000 expected visitors each year.


“Seeing the map and knowing they’ve procured the land says to us they’re dead serious about the whole thing,” Mr Cross said.

He went on to say:

“It’ll put Finch Hilton on the map for tourism.”

This trail has made the locals excited for the future of the town of Finch Hilton.


He further added:

“There’s a lot of alternative produce, we’ve got a permaculture guru here who’s happy to do permaculture courses.”


“It’s very artistic as well so it’s quite an eclectic little town and some of the people are keen to showcase that around Queensland and Australia.”

The Council is seeking approval

As per C R Williamson, The Council was still seeking approval for the land from stakeholders and government agencies involved.


Mayor Greg Williamson said that the construction for the trail would begin next year.

His quoted words were:

“We’re anticipating work to start early next year; If all goes to plan, hopefully, we might get some started by the end of this year.”

He followed by saying that the construction was not to begin as they we’re still in the planning stage and couldn’t start until they were done with it.

“But there’s a lot of engineering to go into the planning stage right now before we can actually put a shovel in the ground.”

The revealed estimated cost for this project was said to be $11 million by the Council.

Iain Masters From Mackay’s DMBC

Iain Masters from the Mackay and District Mountain Bike Club said he was excited about the growth opportunity the scheme could offer the region.

“It’s good that we will have world-class trails on our doorstep, but the main focus of this development is to bring people into our area,” he said.

“The Mackay region is perfectly situated for mountain bike tourism.”

The Ground Work

The planning for this trail had begun in early 2020, and until June the Council had announced that it had set aside $3 million for the track.

In June, Councilor Williamson said Council would need to consult with Indigenous groups, the State Government, and address the environmental impacts before work could begin work on the downhill trail.

He went on to say that the track wouldn’t take much time; as they had to remove some obstacles but went on to say that there was a lot needed to go into the planning before beginning construction.

In August, he said that they were very close to beginning construction, he said that before any construction he would inform the community of their plans.

His exact words were:

“We’re very, very close and before we start any work, we’ll go back and talk to the community, and let them know exactly what we plan to do.

“This is the community exercise that we want to be a part of!”



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