James Bond Sports Car- 2020 Aston Martin Vantage

56 years from now, James Bond in black and white Goldfinger picture driving Aston Martin DB5- is still a full fun!

Aston Martin Got Fame Because of Its Association with James Bond

How? Have a Look!

Perhaps only equaled in brand association by Volkswagen in the hippie movement, Aston Martin is secret agent 007’s getaway car. James Bond, played by Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, drove many other vehicles during the series’ 25 films.

None represent the character’s automotive prowess more than his Aston Martin chase scenes throughout the years

The latest film “No Time To Die,” was delayed from a spring release to November because of the coronavirus. It will feature four Aston Martin vehicles to commemorate the milestone.

Neither the 2020 Vantage nor DBX, the new sport utility, will make appearances in the film. But the former is among the current offerings of the manufacturer headquarters in Gaydon, England, and it has plenty to offer.


A two-seat premium luxury sport coupe available at the standard Vantage and Vantage AMR, the 2020 Aston Martin retains the elegant look of a sports car with a muscle car’s authority. The Vantage features:

  • 0-liter
  • two-turbocharged V8 with 503 horsepower
  • an eight-speed automatic transmission
  • An AMT with seven-speed manual transmission
  • A convertible in both variants

What’s More? Have A Look!

A new generation was introduced last year, so the impressive engine and top-line time adaptive suspension dampers, a surround-view camera system, eight-way power-adjustable seats, Sport, Sport+ Trail driving modes, and a Mercedes-Benz-based infotainment and navigation system.

The nearly $182,000 Vantage doesn’t have weapons that pop through the headlights with the flick of a console switch. Current choices don’t a passenger ejection-seat option.

And there are no smoke and oil to distribute on the road from the rear quarters to prompt the pursuing high-end cars to crash or catapult over an embankment and burst in flames.

The Colour Como

Aston Martin’s contoured exterior styling defines what sports cars should look like and a color (Magnetic Silver) they should be painted. The interior design and construction are worthy of highlighting in a luxury furnishings magazine.

Aston- Not an Entry-Level Machine

Cornering, acceleration, maneuvering out of tight spots, and everything else that makes sports cars appealing are accentuated in the Aston Martin Vantage.

It’s difficult to categorize the Vantage as an entry-level machine. Is there another similarly categorized machine that can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds and complete a quarter-mile in 11.5 seconds?

Aston to James Bond

Aston Martin sells only a few thousand cars a year, so, like any niche brand, it attracts attention.

But it’s not always for a vehicle’s beauty. Aston Martin gets nothing but praise in parking lots to passersby on the open road who accelerate perhaps just to tell someone they drove past a James Bond car.

The Car You Should Own!

The 2020 Aston Martin Vantage isn’t a good choice for a buyer with any thoughts of value in mind. It combines performance with beauty, heritage with overall enjoyment. It’s for drivers who appreciate the art of driving.

Aston Association with James Bond? So What? Enjoy the Ride!

If Aston Martin is priced higher because of its association with James Bond and the coolness of the actors who have portrayed the character in author Ian Fleming’s books, so what? Have fun. Enjoy the ride and keep cool when the bad guys come along. You’re in!

Written by Rouman Ahmad

Rouman is a content writer at Triseez where she covers the editing and writing fractions of the content. Previously she has worked as a freelance writer at Atlas Info America quick facts and figures. With years of experience in the freelance world, she has landed up with the services of ghostwriting, creative writing, copy writing, script, article, media, web, and product writings.

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