ACCOMPLICE- The New Mountain Bike Film Coming to Kamloops Big Screen

You- A Bike Lover

Bicycle is your craze, and you are driven to it! Your first bicycle is your love that adds colour to your life! And guess what bicycling is, its the essence of your love!

Your bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke. Is it? Definitely YES!!

ACCOMPLICE- The Latest Biking Film

Keeping your love, adventure, and craze for bicycling, the producers of “Un-Real” and the director of “Where the Trail Ends” are featuring the “ACCOMPLICE.”


Accomplice is just not a film; it features bicycle far beyond than the mode of transportation.

Accomplice portrays a bicycle as a vehicle for the human spirit.

Accomplice pays tribute to all the crazy adventures and crazier comrades those result in its production.

Teton Gravity Presents the Accomplice

The newest TGR mountain bike film- ACCOMPLICE- is featured by Teton Gravity Research.

The film features local pro-Graham Aggasiz, which is premiering later this month at the Twin Rivers Drive-In theatre.

This film starts on July 8 and is now making its way to Kamloops on Aug 30.

ACCOMPLICE Is Brought To You By

Teton Gravity Research, the award-winning company that teamed up with Schwalbe tires, Polaris, Gunnison Crested-Butte, Evil Bikes, Sierra Nevada, and others, bring the newest mountain biking film this year to the audience.

Film ACCOMPLICE- Directed by Jeremy Grant

Jeremy Grant has directed a number of award-winning mountain biking  TGR films, and he is now up with his newest film, Accomplice.

“How a bike is a catalyst for adventures and to recognize the people and relationships that bring the mountain biking community together,”

These two aspects have fallen for the creation of ACCOMPLICE.

The Film Shooting

The film Accomplice is shouted all over the world and majorly includes locations in

B.C. such as:

The Purcell Mountains, the Sunshine Coast, and Retallack Lodge in the Selkirk.

And the international destinations include:

Ore., Bend, Crested Butte, Utah, Colo., and Ladakh, India

The places where no one had ever ridden before.


On July 8, TGR’s launches ACCOMPLICE- the latest mountain biking film. This film bought to our biggest screens by TGR, as it drive-in road trip tour heads to drive-in theatres around the globe.

ACCOMPLICE- The Whole New Viewing Experience

Rally the crew, load up the car, and advertized to watch ACCOMPLICE on 100-foot full screens.

They made Accomplice with a blend of old school vibes of drive-in theatres along with a mix of TGR’s award-winning production quality.

Accomplice will give you a whole new experience about the biking world and guess what!

You have got an all in one chance to watch the best riders in the world with a wholesome experience of biking.

Virtual Events To Held

In locations that are not able to host a tour stop, the Accomplice team will add virtual events there, where you will be able to watch the film with the Sierra Nevada in hand.

Don’t you worry, you will still experience some of the key elements from the ACCOMPLICE tour, including prize giveaways from the ACCOMPLICE team partners.

You will be able to watch the film in the virtual event even with your friends and will get to see athletes and production team Q&As.

“The team is hyped to share ACCOMPLICE with you!”

Accomplice- A Memorialize Majesty of Mountain Biking

To memorialize the majesty of mountain biking, the producers of Un-Real and the director of Where The Trail Ends brought to you the film ACCOMPLICE.

“From our first time pedalling without training wheels to first descents in far off lands, ACCOMPLICE is a visual love letter to the bicycle and all it enables. Starring the world’s top riders in spectacular locations, the film explores all the splendour and nuance of our relationship with the bicycle and the adventures and friendships it becomes a catalyst for.”

Event Details

Down there are the details of the show of the mountain bike film ACCOMPLICE, at Kamloops big screens:


TGR’s New Mountain Bike Film ACCOMPLICE


Sunday, Aug 30. ACCOMPLICE starts at 9:00 PM( 70 minutes show)


At Twin Rivers Drive-In

The Closure

Teton Gravity Research films feature, ACCOMPLICE- the latest biking film, which is directed by Jeremy Grant and is brought to you in partnership with Polaris, Sierra Nevada, Schwalbe tires, Evil Bikes, Gunnison-Crested Butte and others.

You will get to see the world’s top bikers, their experiences and will get to know a bicycle more than the mode of transportation.

It’s going to be the best mountain bike movie!


Written by Rouman Ahmad

Rouman is a content writer at Triseez where she covers the editing and writing fractions of the content. Previously she has worked as a freelance writer at Atlas Info America quick facts and figures. With years of experience in the freelance world, she has landed up with the services of ghostwriting, creative writing, copy writing, script, article, media, web, and product writings.

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